The following projects are aligned to the SAE Initiative

Smart Anything Everywhere

Phase 1
2016 – 2018

Phase 2
2017 – 2020

Phase 3

Cyber-physical and embedded systems (CPS)

The goal is to help businesses from any sector uplift the quality and performance of their products and services with innovative embedded ICT components and systems and to support eco-system building for promising platforms developed in earlier R&I products.

Customised low energy computing (CLEC) powering CPS and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The goal is to help businesses who are developing products for situations where high computing capacity and low energy would be a competitive advantage and to support eco-system building for promising platforms developed in earlier low power computing projects.

Advanced micro-electronics components and Smart System Integration (SSI)

The goal is to support electronic components, sensors, smart objects and systems

  • access to advanced design and manufacturing for academia, research institutes and SMEs, and
  • rapid prototyping targeting SMEs.


Organic and large area electronics (OLAE); Flexible, wearable electronics (FWE)

The goal is to help businesses in further maturing, innovating and validating their products with organic and large area electronics technologies. Focus is on

  • access to design, technology and prototyping which are mature and ready to use, and
  • application experiments driven by concrete user requirements and business cases.


Boost innovation uptake across Europe through widening and knowledge transfer between different regions and innovation hubs.

SAE related CSAs

Coordination and Support actions to reinforce the collaboration between the actions supported under this initiative, to increase the outreach of these actions and their impact and to achieve a wider coverage of stakeholders in technological, application, innovation, and geographic terms.