Digital Innovation Hubs and Collaborative Platform For Cyber-Physical Systems

Project duration:

01/2020 – 12/2022

Web Portal:

HUBCAP will provide a one-stop-shop for European SMEs wanting to join the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) revolution. It builds on seven established Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in seven European countries, each deeply embedded in its regional digital innovation ecosystem, and offering specialist expertise, experimental capabilities, and focused application domain knowledge in CPS Engineering.

From this base, HUBCAP will create a growing and sustainable pan-European network that will offer SMEs opportunities to undertake experiments, seek investment, and access expertise and training. This will be enabled by a cloud-based open collaboration platform with a ‘sandbox’ capability to help potential users trial new CPS design technology before investment.

HUBCAP will lower barriers for SMEs to realise the potential of growing autonomy in CPSs by accessing advanced Model-Based Design (MBD) technology, providing training and guidance, and acting as a gateway to the full network of all registered DIHs specialising in CPS. Half the project funding will go to supporting SMEs, including open call funding for SMEs join the ecosystem and experiment with MBD technology. HUBCAP will extend an existing open collaboration platform to enable SMEs to co-create, analyse and validate new CPS products in a virtual setting, by accessing CPS assets (models, tools, services) and experimenting with new solutions, de-risking investments in skills or resources.

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