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Technology experts join in!

The SAE Technology Radar identifies enablers for the further development of digitisation.

SAE Technology Radar

A Technology Radar is being created to classify Smart Technologies, Smart Services, SAE Tools and SAE Platforms according to their level of market readiness.

The Radar uses the following terms:

  • “hold off for now” – to represent technologies that are getting lots of hype but are not yet proven and not worth investing in yet
  • “assess” – a technology that is promising and worth exploring with the goal of understanding how it may have an impact
  • “trial” – worth pursuing to understand weaknesses and strengths
  • “adopt” – for a technology that industry should be adopting.

As part of this we are collecting information on new technologies and would like to gather input from the community on what are the interesting and up and coming technologies that should be considered on the radar. Here we would like to solicit input on the technologies already identified via the attached questionnaire with respect to maturity and potential interest to industry, but also other new and exciting technologies. Additionally, we are seeking ideas for non-traditional uses of smart technologies, e.g. self-tying shoes for the elderly, UAVs for shark alerting, etc. If you have an unusual application that you are either working on, or think would be interesting for the future, we would very much like to hear from you!

This activity is part of the Coordination and Support Action Smart4Europe2.